Selekt™ AK copolyesters are developed for injection moulding applications with superior chemical resistance.

Injection moulded parts made from Selekt™ AK products are water-clear and glossy, whilst virtually unbreakable. Series features excellent impact strength and ultimate chemical resistance. Fast injection cycles are possible due to high flowability.

Thanks to Selekt™ AK copolyesters high dimensional stability, multiple parts products may be assembled by interlocking components, maintaining the strength required to sustain daily wear and tear.

Moulded parts maybe sterilized by Gamma-radiation or EtO sterilization process.


- Ultimate chemical resistance to household detergents

- Enhanced toughness

- Fast injection cycles

- Easy processability

- Good clarity and gloss

- Decorative capability

- High dimensional stability

- BPA and styrene free


Selekt™ AK 009 is a medium viscosity copolyester suitable for injection moulding applications. Resin is the perfect solution when superior aesthetics and ultimate chemical resistance are required.

Unique Features

- Ultimate chemical resistance

- Superior aesthetics

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