As an innovative supplier of specialty polyesters solutions, Selenis is dedicated to providing solutions to the challenges our planet faces. Our long history in the polymers industry feeds our know-how and experience to achieve sustainability in both the solutions we offer to our customers as well as in our own operations.


The IMG Group has established a team devoted to addressing the impact of plastics and accelerating a circular economy by exploring solutions that close the loop. Our Sustainability Committee continually works on a variety of projects, either internal or through partnerships with customers and suppliers, with the goal of maximizing our positive impact on the world.


Selenis believes in close engagement with organizations who share the same commitment to create initiatives for a circular economy. Either directly or through our sister-company Evertis, our group is a member of the following Foundations and Associations:


Selenis’ goal is to provide sustainable solutions that support the advancement of a circular economy and considerably reduce plastic waste. We are devoted to playing our role in society’s collective response to the challenges we face, by jointly working across the value chain to create tangible solutions.  

Selenis focuses on developing products that meet sustainable standards in recyclability, eco- resource efficiency and eco-friendly compositions (alternatives to conventional materials such as BPA and styrene).


PET has an established, accessible end-of-life option – recycling. To Selenis, recycling PET is a lot more than keeping PET bottles out of landfill. To us, recycling PET is about creating a valuable manufacturing feedstock that can be reprocessed and used as a raw material in the production of specialty copolyesters.  

Incorporating post-consumer recycled content into the production of new raw materials greatly reduces carbon emissions and greenhouse gas, as well as requiring less energy overall to manufacture the new product.  

Selenis ECO line of products incorporate post-consumer rPET, enabling brand owners to achieve commitments on recycled content as well as ambitious waste reduction goals. 


At our Industrial Site in Portugal, Evertis, Selenis and our recycling unit, are vertically integrated. As an integrated recycler, specialty polyester and multilayer barrier film producer, we have created synergies that translate into a lower carbon footprint thanks to the reduction of raw materials transportation costs.


At our industrial site in Canada, Selenis benefits from efficiencies of nearby supply chain partners. Selenis Canada is conveniently located within a petrochemical cluster, which joins producers of Xylene, Paraxylene, and PTA - main supply chain partners for the production of polyester. Selenis Canada has excellent access to all the logistics alternatives: Railcars, road and sea transportation.