Geo™, Kempt™ and Strapio™ are polymers specifically developed for high performance monofilament extrusion and fiber extrusion.

These resins have a very high viscosity and a high resistance against biological and chemical attack. When spined into filaments and fibers, the final products will have superior mechanical properties and enhanced chemical resistance. This means more weight and force can be applied, yet less material is used for the same purpose.

Adequate masterbatches are used during the spinning process,  when the final products require colors.


- Excellent melt strength when extruded

- Extended life-span performance

- Durability guaranteed

- Excellent mechanical strength

- Very good mechanical properties

- High viscosity

- High temperature resistance

- Resistance to adverse weather conditions

- Good chemical resistance & oil resistance

- Low elongation

GEO™ LF 451

Geo™ LF 451 resins extended life-span performance and durability makes it the ideal choice for geo-textiles applications.

Unique Features

- Low-creep characteristics

- High resistance against biological attack

- Very high viscosity

- Fully recyclable in the PET stream


Kempt™ CR 840 resins performance and durability make it the perfect choice to produce bristles for street sweepers. The hardness and rigidity of PET make it the ideal solution to sweep fragile road surfaces, such as cobblestone.

Unique Features

- Wear resistance

- Fully recyclable in the PET stream

- Very high viscosity


Strapio™ ST 800 resins high viscosity delivers outstanding mechanical properties. Filaments produced from this grade stretch less and absorb less water and humidity then polyamide monofilaments.

Unique Features

- Inert polyester characteristics

- Fully recyclable in the PET stream

- Superior mechanical properties

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