Selenis takes complete responsibility for the social impact of our activities. We are committed to enhancing life in a material way by doing good for people, society and the planet.

When we say we are committed to social responsibility, we mean that education, environment, empowerment and economic development are the basis of our strategic decisions.

Our ultimate goal is to improve the health and well-being of every community we touch. At Selenis, doing the right thing, is promoting sustainability as a whole. We choose strategic partners that by aligning our forces and ideas we have more power to move forward on a journey towards social responsibility.

At Selenis our purpose is clear; our commitment is firm; our resolve is unwavering.



Our environmental policy includes the following principle:

“Reduce the production of waste by increasing and promoting recycling and recovering material whenever possible”. 

Under this statement, we are committed to reduce waste and foster PET recycling not only at our industrial sites, but in all communities where we operate. At Selenis we pledge to invest in solid programs and policies that involve the whole community.

Our main goal is to encourage our local communities to care for the environment by collecting, separating and recycling PET. By sensitizing our communities on the benefits gained from recovering materials that would otherwise end up in landfills, we motivate them to join us in this common goal, as they better understand the associated benefits to society. 



Create incentives that promote the collection and recycling of PET among the community


Investments in community recycling programs and curbside recycling infrastructure


Partnerships with local recyclers to promote PET tray recycling


Support technical assistance to recycling infrastructure


Environmental education at schools in nearby communities


Promote the collection of PET plastic and other waste in schools 


Encourage the reduction of the use of non-recyclable materials



Expand our reach to more remote communities


Collaborate with other organizations focused on caring for the well-being of society


Reduce the use of non-recyclable waste and maximize the recycling of PET and other recyclable waste to 100% in areas where we are active


Support the needs of local people and institutions such as schools, clinics and churches that promote recycling


Strengthening our partnership with
recycling initiative in Brazil

July, 2023 – Curitiba, Brazil

We are excited to announce the latest developments in our partnership with Reciclajuda. This year, we significantly expanded our support, now financing another seven informal recyclable waste collectors, totalling ten, including the three we started to support last year. Through our collaboration, we aim to enhance the visibility and recognition of these collectors in Curitiba, Brazil, while simultaneously addressing the issue of waste in the city.



Eco-brick constructions

Ongoing activity – Jalisco, Mexico

Our parent company, IMG Group, has a partnership with the Sol Pacífico Foundation, with whom we have partnered in several initiatives linked to education. In this case in particular, we foster eco-brick construction as a sustainable project.



At Selenis we have a mission of a better future for our children by helping them learn quality and innovative information at the greatest rate possible. We work with educators, policy makers and our local communities to identify partnerships through which we can identify solutions to unlock student’s capabilities and expand activities that are succeeding for students.


Grants to local schools impacting technology, activities and schooling


Partner with local universities to develop our projects and involve local students in our innovations


Participate in university programs that foster a circular economy


Sponsor local school sports teams


Boosting personal and professional development in our local communities

May, 2023 – Jalisco, Mexico

“A community cannot thrive unless it is healthy in every way” - Careyes Foundation. It is for this reason that we renewed our commitment to supporting their Vocational Training Center (VTC). Their goal is to expand professional opportunities for adolescents and adults through a series of courses that broaden horizons and new opportunities.



Promoting environmental awareness and protection, whilst supporting vulnerable communities

April, 2023 – Curitiba, Brazil

We have followed through on our commitment to scaling-up our projects with our partner, Sol Pacifico Foundation, our sister company Evertis has recently partnered with CCM Getúlio Vargas School to promote their cause. Recycling awareness for kids is essential to build a more sustainable future and create a generation of environmentally conscious individuals. By teaching them about recycling, we can empower them to take action and make a positive impact on the environment.



Ensuring a better education

July 2022 - Portalegre, Portugal

To fulfil our commitment to caring for the personal and social development of the communities where we operate, we collaborated with a school in one of the local communities where we are present, Escola José Régio in Portalegre.



Donation to careyes foundation

January 2022 – Jalisco, Mexico

Selenis renewed our commitment to the Careyes Foundation's Vocational Training Center (VTC) – a place dedicated to the professional training and the improvement of people’s skills in different areas, as well as promoting their employability. The goal of the VTC, is to expand professional opportunities for adolescents and adults who face barriers to continue formal education.



No child left behind

September 2021 - Likoni, Kenya

Access to education is something that all children should have the opportunity to have, no matter their circumstances. Selenis has committed to improving the lives of the children in an orphanage in Likoni, Kenya, through the donation of a tuk tuk that takes them to school and also serves as a channel for monthly income.



Selenis sponsors summer camp focused on socio-emotional skills development

August 2021- Portalegre, Portugal

As part of our regenerative strategy to be locally attuned, Selenis sponsored the AE Best Summer Camp project in Portalegre. The camp provided the children from the Bonfim Schools Group the chance to develop socio-emotional skills associated with knowledge in various areas, such as Arts, Nature, Sports and Entrepreneurship.



At Selenis we care for the happiness, prosperity and safety of the societies with whom we interact. We identify problems that interfere with their well-being and provide solutions to jointly overcome them. At Selenis we believe in giving back to our communities.  We follow our corporate giving policy, to guide us in our selection of initiatives we sponsor and the organisations we collaborate with. 

“Within our regenerative strategy, Selenis develops social impact actions aimed at stakeholders other than our employees. These actions are part of our mission, committed to create opportunities so that communities can thrive.” Marta Matos Gil, Chief Sustainability Officer.


Supporting activities that will develop our young generations self esteem and build teamwork capabilities

November, 2022 – Portalegre, Portugal

Supporting local causes is truly important to Selenis, in that sense, we are sponsoring a young handball team in Portalegre, Portugal. Positive experiences that sports bring, play an important role in a young person’s life. Playing sports is linked to better academic results, as determination and goal-setting skills a sport requires can be transferred to the classroom. Fighting for a common goal with a group of players and coaches teaches you how to build teamwork and effectively communicate to solve problems.



Pink October

October, 2022 – Global Initiative

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual and global campaign to raise awareness on breast cancer. At Selenis we raise our voices together to help and spread the word about the importance of breast cancer early prevention by collaborating in each of the countries we operate through fundraising activities and awareness conferences.



Selenis sponsors summer camp focused on socio-emotional skills development

August, 2021 – Portalegre, Portugal

As part of our regenerative strategy to be locally attuned, Selenis sponsored the AE Best Summer Camp project in Portalegre. The camp provided the children from the Bonfim Schools Group the chance to develop socio-emotional skills associated with knowledge in various areas, such as Arts, Nature, Sports and Entrepreneurship.



Selenis reinforces our connection to the bioregions we belong to

July, 2022 – Portalegre, Portugal

Selenis sponsors second edition of “Património Linguístico”, a book filled with a collection of regionalisms from the North Alentejo, a geographical area of Portugal where our biggest plant is located. As part of our regenerative strategy, we want to ensure that our whole team understands and feels the connection between our activities, their work and the interaction between their bioregion and the local ecosystem.



Our commitment to people and their development goes far beyond just guaranteeing the most basic rights, such as equality, education, or access to basic resources. We have a strong commitment to the well-being of people and the development of the communities where we operate. Our lines of action are regularly updated and adapted to the current social needs. In our 2021-2025 Sustainability Strategy we defined two main action lines that were more critical to the communities we are part of: fighting against domestic violence, and the development of Indigenous communities.


Empowering families and nurturing hope for sick children

June, 2023 – Italy

Selenis partnered with AGMEN (Associazione Genitori Malati Encefalopatie Neonatali), a remarkable organisation in Italy, that provides invaluable support to families facing the challenges of caring for children with neonatal encephalopathy. Their mission is deeply rooted in compassion, understanding, and resilience, all of which resonate strongly with our own values at Selenis.

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Selenis joins the fight against domestic violence

Ongoing activity – Portugal

Worldwide, 1 in 3 women will experience some form of domestic abuse. Selenis wants to be part of the solution. In one of the first projects launched in this line of action, Selenis partnered with a service of the Portuguese Red Cross of Portalegre, which provides personalized, confidential, and free care to victims of domestic violence.

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Industry, innovation and infrastructure

- Infrastructure reparations 

- Computers and access to internet

Clean water and sanitation

- Rehabilitated bathrooms

Affordable and clean energy

- Light reparation

Quality education

- Restoration of libraries

- Books supply


The IMG Group, our parent company, has a partnership with the Sol Pacífico Foundation, based in Costa Jalisco, Mexico.

The main objectives of Sol Pacífico Foundation are:

EDUCATION - provide environmental education at local schools

COLLECTION AND RECYCLING - promote the collection of PET and other waste in preschools and primary schools and create incentives that foster waste collection and recycling among communities

REDUCING NON-RECYCLABLE MATERIALS - encourage the decrease in the use of non-recyclable materials



South Korea


We are aware our company is in a male-dominated industry sector, and this affects especially the gender distribution in our production sites. Therefore, we are taking affirmative actions to make sure that women are present in fields related to environment, engineering, quality, sustainability, marketing, and human resources. Our 2022 numbers prove that we are going in the right direction, and the situation has become more balanced when considering professional categories other than operations and technical workers.

Building long term relationships with our employees

We believe that attracting young talent is key to the success of our company. In 2022, we reinforced our partnerships with universities, to attract the highest quality young talent, and offer professional opportunities for students in our local communities. Engaging with students throughout their education journey, fosters relationships in the early stages of their careers. 

We develop long-term and strong working relationships with our employees, that's why over 78% of our contracts are indefinite.

"My internship with Selenis was tailored to give me a 360 experience in the company and helped me grow in many ways. During the internship, I learnt about the full process of developing a product: from the ideas about the parameters to develop in order to respond to customers’ needs, to the research and creation of new formulas through different experiences and lastly to meeting the customers. I felt very comfortable and welcomed which provided a good environment for work. This internship taught me a lot about the PET and PETG field and made me part of Selenis’ goal to contribute to circular economy."

Elissar Al Mardini
R&D intern


Training and professional development are crucial components for our company’s success. Our industry is constantly evolving and advancing, making it important for our team to stay updated with the latest technologies and techniques.

Investing in training and professional development can lead to increased efficiency and competitiveness, reduced occupational incidents, improved product quality, and a more skilled workforce. It also demonstrates commitment to our people, which can lead to higher job satisfaction and employee retention.

Every Selenis production plant has its own training program according to their specific production processes and employee needs. Training plans are developed yearly, and they are led and coordinated by our Human Resources departments.  


37 hours / employee
52 hours / employee


Selenis prioritises our employee’s well-being, going beyond health & safety and extending our support to employee’s long-term success and happiness. In 2021 we launched the IMG for All employee assistance program, helping our employees in coping with personal and professional difficulties that may adversely affect their health and well-being. 

We believe health is vital to our general well-being, so we do everything possible so that our employees enjoy freedom from illnesses and promote physical and mental health through several initiatives. For us, social well-being and safety are synonymous with security.

Occupational health and safety standards are met diligently to guarantee our people’s well-being and security. Additionally, we believe in the importance of awareness and sensitizing our employees, contractors and suppliers on certain behaviors than lead to dangerous consequences.


Link performance to reward and recognition to create motivation
Talent development and creation of career opportunities
Social events to develop staff morale
Pay for employee’s children’s’ schoolbooks
Subsidize cost of day-care and kindergarten
Annual Christmas celebration for employees’ children with Christmas gifts

Number of workplace accidents
From 2018 to 2019

Workplace accidents frequency rate
From 2018 to 2019

More than
1900 hours
Of training in OHS in 2019



May, 2023 – Global Initiative

At the IMG Group, we believe that our greatest asset is our people. That's why in 2021 we launched our IMG for ALL program, our employee well-being program that goes beyond boundaries to support our employees both personally and professionally. With a strong focus on collaboration, teamwork, and inter-communication, this program aligns perfectly with Sustainable Development Goal 8 that fosters decent work.



Physiotherapy center

Rehabilitation – Portugal

In order to help our employees develop and foster their productivity and balance their wellness, at our industrial site in Portugal we have a physical therapy center with licensed therapists that provide services paid by our company as an extra benefit for our team.


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