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Selenis is part of the IMG Group, a family-owned multinational with presence in the polymers industry since 1959. Selenis is a premium supplier of innovative copolyesters for a diverse range of applications. We employ our profound knowledge of polymers, formulations, and processing to develop future-fit solutions for a better quality of life. Our sister company, Evertis, is a pioneer in PET film extrusion, specialist in food packaging and other applications. Renascis, the group’s PET recycling company, and Renewis, dedicated to provide clean energy and carbon reducing services, have an essential role in accomplishing our regenerative strategy.


The Selenis Portugal production unit for specialized polyesters is composed of different polycondensation lines, able to produce an expansive range of specialty polyesters for a wide range of applications. Flexible batch and continuous SSP units permit the production of a wide range of polymers to meet customers’ needs. This configuration provides Selenis Portugal the flexibility to produce both amorphous and crystallised products.


The industrial site in Italy is strategically located in northern Italy, a very important logistics position to serve the most sophisticated market for the copolyester industry. The facility has a flexible configuration for the processing multiple formulations, resulting in the production of very special products that fit customers’ needs and provide different options to satisfy the demands and requirements of the final user.


Our technologically advanced plant is strategically located in Southeastern region of the United States to efficiently serve NAFTA markets. This facility is already producing specialty polymers, with a configuration of processes that will allow from Q2 2023 flexibility to produce different PETG and PCTG grades. An onsite lab, railcar loading facility, and railroad tracks, along with nearby supply chain partners, generates process and environmental efficiencies.


Our Tunisia’s industrial site is integrated in a multiple industrial zone near the sea, with good port facilities. Our site can configurate the processes which allows for flexibility to produce different PETG and PCTG grades, with a flexible batch, continuous line and SSP.

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1 Tolling service to Selenis Portugal: Start-up 2H 2025
“Regeneration is not a goal or an arriving stage. Instead, it is the mindset required to adapt to the planetary needs of this century.”
Manuel Matos Gil
Group's President

Our promises

Our versatile specialty polyesters enable your applications to stay ahead of competition. You can rest easy knowing that our resins meet the highest standards across a broad range of applications. Know-how, capability and adaptability allow Selenis to tailor our products to perfectly fit your needs. When you partner with Selenis, you’re guaranteed:

Rapid sampling

Reliable quality

Reduced lead times

High performance

Competitive prices

Strategic geographical coverage

Our group counts on over 60 years of experience in the polymers industry. Throughout these years, we've built alliances with clients and suppliers, pushed industry boundaries by seeking product and process innovation, moving towards circularity since our early years. We’ve always kept true to one of our most important goals: cause positive social and environmental impact. Despite our expansion over the years, we’ve mainly focused on maintaining a close collaboration between our experienced teams. Our group is dedicated to accomplishing our mission of supplying future-fit PET solutions, and we are helping others in the industry to be a part of the transition towards regeneration. Take a look at our timeline below to see how far we’ve come over these almost 65 years of history.

Selenis focuses on delivering specialty polyester solutions for diverse applications.



IPA modified PET resins

High IV PET homo polymer

Standard PET formulations with very low IV level

Standard PET formulations with very high IV level


Employ our profound knowledge of polymers, formulations, and processing, to partner with our customers in developing future-fit solutions and commit to create opportunities:

- for our people to prosper and our company to attract the best talent;
- for society to thrive;
- for our industry to become regenerative;
- and for our ecosystems to be balanced and healthy.


Our products will be the building blocks of necessities of everyday life that will lead to the regeneration of our ecosystems.


Selenis works diligently to bring our values to life in our own organisation and across supply chains. Our values guide the decisions and behaviour of each and every team member.


Do right by our people and society. Seek not only to do less harm, but more good.


Engage with and beyond our teams as we develop symbiotic partnerships and strengthen stakeholder relationships towards the healthy evolution of our industry.

Make it happen

We are leaders at creating high quality innovation, value propositions and service.


Protect, restore and nurture the ecosystems and the communities where we operate and serve.


We create customised solutions attuned to our times by being flexible and resilient.


Our performance surpasses expectations towards our clients and employees.

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