Mimesis™ copolyesters are specifically developed for 3D printing applications where easy processing and high toughness are crucial. The self-bonding ability of Mimesis™ grades improves strength and durability of your creations.

Filaments made with Mimesis™ copolyesters ensure an even flow whilst 3D printing, producing seamless parts. These solutions allow you to create detailed and multiple parts even in small designs given their superior self-linking capabilities.

Mimesis™ grades are easy to colour with masterbatches, representing the ideal solutions to transform your ideas into lively creations that are as attractive and durable as you expect.

No odor will be detected while processing Mimesis™ copolyesters.

Eco Mimesis™ are copolyesters specifically developed for 3D printing applications with up to 50% post-consumer rPET, a solution that will fit the expectations of brand owners looking to maximise sustainability. 

Eco Mimesis™ resins are the answer for brands looking to maintain aesthetics and complete functionality in processing, whilst providing an eco-friendlier alternative.

These sustainable solutions permit forward-looking companies to make choices based not only on performance, but also on providing a responsible approach to the future and creating value to society. 

Our quality inspection practices allow us to control the physical properties and consistently provide quality products.


- Brilliant gloss and clarity

- Excellent colour ability, both clear and opaque

- Self-bonding ability

- Easy to process

- Excellent toughness

- Good melt stability

- Ability to produce detailed parts

- Odor neutral processing

- BPA and styrene free


Mimesis™ DP 300 is a dedicated copolyester grade for basic 3D printing applications.

Unique Feature

- Economical PETG solution


Mimesis™ DP 301 is a dedicated copolyester grade for professional 3D printing applications.

Unique Feature

- Improved impact resistance

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