Infinite grades are medium viscosity PET polyester solutions well suited for injection molding applications.

Excellent clarity, gloss and mechanical properties make these products the ideal choice for a wide variety of container applications, including CSD, still water, juices and custom containers.

Consistent base color in these easy to process resins delivers predictable, high-yield throughput.  

Infinite grades are FDA approved and available in bags, bulk truck and rail car delivery.


- Reduction in fines

- Predictable colour results

- Fit for direct food contact

- Wide processing window

- Easy to process

- Crystal clear

- Spherical pellet

- Consistent base colour

- FDA approval

- Recycle code “1”


Eco Infinite S82 is a PET copolymer resin, suitable for stretch blow moulding in one or two stages and extrusion processes, with up to 36% post-consumer rPET, a packaging solution that will fit the expectation of brand owners looking to maximise sustainability.

Eco Infinite S82 is the answer for those looking to maintain packaging aesthetics and complete functionality of processing,  whilst providing a more eco-friendly alternative. Selenis quality inspection practices allow us to control the physical properties and consistently provide the deliverables required by customers.

Eco Infinite S82 is especially recommended for general applications, which the main requirements are the balance of optical and mechanical properties. It is particular suitable for bottles (Water, CSD, etc), film applications and general-purpose packages.

Unique Feature

- Incorporation of up to 36% post consumer rPET