Circular economy is key for our company and our clients, and it has been our focus in recent years: Developing products with high recycled content and high recyclability. Our progress in mechanical and molecular recycling, as well as the production of resins with a high recycled content, make us a leading and reliable circular company. To Selenis, recycling PET is about creating high-end value propositions for our customers, taking what would otherwise be discarded and turning it into the building blocks of our specialty copolyesters. Circularity is our way of doing business. It’s in our DNA.

Our vision is a future with increased use of recycled content in our products, higher recyclability and the lowest environmental and social impacts. This is the reason why we have ambitious circular goals.


Continue increasing the recycled content of our products


Increase recyclability of our resins, as well as support our clients on this issue


Collaborate with our stakeholders in promoting recycling and circularity


Engage in partnerships where all members can grow and advance towards circularity and regeneration


Selenis is in a position to lead our sector towards circularity through innovation in products and processes. We collaborate with our clients to find ways where we can deliver high-end resins with a high recycled content, and the minimum social and environmental impact. Through our expertise, our pilot plant that replicates industrial plant conditions, as well as through the engagement in industry and international associations, we can respond to the needs of ourclients and to the demands of end users.

We envision a world where, thanks to innovation and partnerships, we contribute to the regeneration of our planet and the progress of our people. That is the reason why we have ambitious innovation goals:


Manufacture resins that have the highest possible recycled content and recyclability


Be inspired by biomimicry and the principles of nature in our products, processes and raw materials selection


Respond to the growing market demand of respecting and nurturing the balances of nature

Innovation builds a solid ground for our economic sustainability and financial performance. Selenis is constantly on the search for innovation with materials and industrial technology in order to deliver packaging solutions that focus on a circular economy. We believe that through dialogue with our customers, we can develop solutions motivated by their requirements, as well as by market trends.

Our Product Development Committee was instituted in 2022, with the intention of creating, prioritising, and discussing all projects related to the development of new products and enhancement of our current product portfolio. At Selenis we prioritise developing future-fit solutions.

Current investments in R&D
More than 10
ongoing projects

Multidisciplinary team
14 employees
focused on R&D projects


Being aware of the impacts that our activities have on our planet, Selenis efforts go beyond just minimising our impact. Our aim is to understand and manage our environmental footprint so well, that we can contribute to the restoration of our environmentand the ecosystems where we operate. In a perfect symbiosis with nature, we want to supply our products at the lowest environmental cost in terms of CO2 emissions, energy intensity and waterfootprint, and act in such a way that our activities nurture our ecosystems.

At Selenis we envision a world where resilience and environmental sustainability give way to emergence and regeneration. This is the reason why we have ambitious environmental goals:


Assess, manage, and reduce the impact of our products along their life cycle


Treat bioregions and ecosystems with the highest respect, doing our best to leave only a positive trace


Neutralise the impact of our environmental footprint and be a company fueled by clean, renewable energy


Through the years, we have proved that economic sustainability is solid and sound when we count with the support of everyone working in our factories and sales offices all over the world. We share our values with our people and the ones around us. Regeneration is not possible without the collaboration and the development of our people and the local communities where we operate.

At Selenis we are moved by creating shared value for our stakeholders: from our employees to society. We believe in a world where collective efforts, social contribution, empathy, and personal growth create conditions to ensure autonomy and a sense of purpose. That is the reason why we have ambitious social goals:


Create social value for all our stakeholders


Provide our employees with a work environment that ensures professional and personal growth, equal conditions for all and fair labour conditions


Engage and foster dialogue with people and society


Being part of a group who has been in the polymers industry for over sixty years, and through our collaboration with clients, suppliers and associations, our Group has earned enough license to operate that it is seen as a reliable and trustworthy business partner. In an ever-changing world, our business model offers a framework that abides to the highest ethical and transparency standards. We run a company where trust, reciprocity, cooperation and dialogue are key to our success as a company.

We have the vision of a world where companies behave like good corporate citizens and play by ethical rules. This is the reason why we have ambitious governance goals:


Provide with a business model based on a solid, genuine sustainability framework


Be a company that is the best for the world, rather than just the best in the world


Feature transparency in our tax responsibility and our decision-making, as well as in our business communications


Manage our supply chain in the most responsible way


At Selenis we operate with integrity. We continously enhance our commitment to respect people, human rights and the environment. We promote the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and the ILO Core Conventions on Labour Standards. Our commitment is reported in our Code of Business Ethics and reflects our values.


We express our values under our Code of Business Ethics, where we define a strong ethical culture that leads us to perform and serve as our basis to what is economically, environmentally, and socially right.

The Code entails an internal regulation of mandatory compliance. The standards of Business Conduct and Ethics apply to all directors, senior collaborators and permanent employees of companies of the Group, as well as to non-permanent employees, interns, experimental workers, in addition to any other temporary staff. These standards are established using clear guidelines that regulate our behaviour and guide us on the moral thing to do.

Selenis’ Code is not based only on a set of norms, but also on a reflection of our unwritten corporate culture that gives meaning to the values and principles that lead us on our decision-making process throughout the years.

Selenis is committed to providing a positive environment where everyone can be a successful contributor. We convict every adverse employment action against an individual. To that end, we expect all our employees to uphold a workplace and culture that are free of harassment, discrimination, misconduct, abusive conduct, and retaliation. In this regard, we have developed an Anti Retaliation Policy that, in tune with our Code of Business Ethics, applies to conduct by and towards many types of individuals, regardless of immigration status, including but not limited to, applicants, employees (including interns, co-workers, supervisors, and managers), temporary and vendor workers, and independent contractors, customers, clients and other third parties, at work and at work-related social events.

We updated our Code and Policy in 2021, including new aspects that affect the ethical management of our business, and our relationships with our stakeholders.

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